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23 March 2011, JellyBean @ 7:01 am

Some people believe that a mysterious Planet X is on its way towards earth. They believe that when it arrives, it will spell great disasters on earth, including great earthquakes, flooding, pole shifts and meteor showers.

Take a look at this one:

From the moment everyone sees it worldwide without special glasses it will be 7.3 weeks until pole shift. As PX approaches the earth in those 7.3 weeks it will grow until it is almost the size of the full moon. And its rippling twin tails of moons and rocks will take up a third of the sky. All chaos will reign. Then one week before pole shift, the earth will lay over so the north pole is away from PX, because the PX north pole will point at us like a flashlight.

Thus the actual moment of pole shift will occur in total darkness, for us in the northern hemisphere, as the south pole of earth faces the sun and the north pole of earth points to deep space. At the moment of pole shift the core will break free from the crust and as PX leaves, the north magnetic pole of the earth’s core will stand up again, with the crust loose and shifting. As PX leaves, never to be seen again, the crust will reattach and the eastern tip of Brazil, 100 miles NE of Recife Brazil will be the new north magnetic and geographic pole, more than 90 degrees from the present pole location.

Being that we will be in darkness, we will not see the giant static discharges between the earth and PX, giant bolts of lightning. So if seeing PX didn’t scare you, the giant bolts will, and after PX leaves, a hail of rocks will ignite most dry places and break everything that is exposed. You need about 3 feet of dirt over your head to keep from getting hit by shattering boulders and pea gravel doing 17,500 miles an hour.

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“This Planet X Video was produced by Robert Sepehr in an effort to inform and make public aware of what has been withheld or forgotten by the masses for millennia:”

YouTube Preview Image

History is repeating itself again. There was once a super race of aliens known to the ancient people of the Earth as the Anunnaki.

In recent years, there have been many speculative writings about Planet X, which is also known as Planet Nibiru. Most of these writings are based somewhat on Zecharia Sitchins book, The Twelfth Planet. Sitchin, like Velikovsky and Darwin, used his respective theories to support his claims. A question arises: Is Nibiru real?
There are those who believe that the Anunnaki of Nibiru are coming back to Earth soon. They believe that Planet X is going to pass by Earth on its 3,600 year orbit around our sun.

The early people named Planet X as Nibiru in Sumerian, and Marduk in Babylonian. It has been said that the ancient Mesopotamians believed that Nibiru was the twelfth member in our solar system and that it was “heaven” where their gods resided and came from.

Do you believe that this could take place? Possibly in 2012?

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