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13 September 2010, JellyBean @ 8:25 am

First we got Spiderman, then the Simpson’s brought us Spiderpig, but now the University of Wyoming brings us a real-life Spidergoat.

Prof Lewis, who heads a team of scientists at the University of Wyoming have claimed to have successfully implanted the silk making genes of a spider into a herd of goats.

This allows spider silk to be ‘milked’ from the modified goats. After the milk is collected, it’s taken back to a laboratory where the silk protein is filtered out. It solidifies when exposed to air and is wound onto a roller.

YouTube Preview Image

“We needed a way to produce large quantities of the spider silk proteins,” News.com.au quoted Lewis, as saying.

Apparently this silk can then be used to replace body’s strained tendons, ligaments and bones in the future.

According to Prof Lewis, one of the first uses will be to make fishing line.

So it seems that we could one day soon, have a real ‘Spiderman’.

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