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16 March 2009, JellyBean @ 2:20 pm

Over the years, Level Beyond has reported on various mysteries surrounding the English town known as Cannock Chase. Besides the alien and bigfoot references, another mysterious creature is said to roam the area: a big, black dog.
Hell Hound
The hound, also known as the “ghost dog of Brereton” has been reported in the area since at least the early 1970’s. British folklore indicates that the black dog forewarns death and there have been a large number of mysterious and tragic deaths in the area.

Traditionally, black hell-dogs are associated with grave yards, bridges, water, crossroads and places connected with violence and death. Approaching Brereton on the Rugeley Road you come to an crossroad, which is near the sites of the former Lea Hall and Brereton Collieries – places well known for tragic deaths.

You can read more about the ghostly devil hound at the Cannock Chase Post.

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