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1 September 2010, JellyBean @ 7:52 am

Lost Tsarist gold worth billions of pounds may have been discovered at the bottom of the world’s deepest freshwater lake.

In the past few days the crew of a mini submarine carrying out a mapping exercise in Lake Baikal spotted some ‘shiny metal objects some 1,200ft down in the murky depths.

Legend has it that 1,600 tons of gold was lost when White Army commander Admiral Alexander Kolchak’s train derailed and plunged into the Siberian lake.

Last year remnants of a train and ammunition boxes were found in the lake but in recent days the Mir-2 submersible found ‘shiny metal objects’ on the murky lake bottom, some 1,200 feet below the surface at Cape Tolsty.

‘Deep-sea vehicles found rectangular blocks with a metallic gleam, like gold, 400 metres below the surface,’ said one source.

Moscow News reported the story with the headline ‘Lost gold of the Whites found in Baikal’.

Explorers attempted to grab hold of the shiny objects with the mini-sub’s manipulator arm but failed due to the loose gravel on the lake’s floor.

Sources say that the submariners know the exact spot and are planning a new mission to determine if they have found the gold, and if so to bring a sample to the surface.

Read more: Daily Mail

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