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26 July 2010, JellyBean @ 8:28 am

Katrina Pierce was writing the daily specials on her menu board as she had done every day since Feb. 19 when a man behind her whispered, “What are you doing?”

Pierce turned around. No one was there.

She dropped the marker and ran into the back kitchen.

It wasn’t the first instance in her restaurant that she can’t quite explain, so she called in the professionals at Ghost Hunters Inc., a group of Pennsylvania residents who investigate paranormal activity.

A team of eight Ghost Hunters investigators will spend Saturday night attempting to contact the spirits Pierce believes are present throughout her restaurant.

Pierce bought the Riverfront Bar and Lounge at 338 S. Front St. in Wrightsville in November 2008. She gutted the top two floors and remodeled the first floor where the bar is. Since then, she’s noticed strange things happening.

“Right before we opened, I came in to make sure the fridges were conditioned,” she said. “I walked into the kitchen and heard loud, organ music coming from the bar. I looked out in the bar and it stopped.”

Read more here: York Dispatch

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