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19 July 2010, JellyBean @ 7:43 pm

A strange report of a flying glowing jellyfish dancing through the sky around midnight has been reported to the Mutual UFO Network’s site on Sunday as a man and his family watched it. The strange object is quite an unusual encounter indeed, but there is some precedent to UFOs mimicking jellyfish as many have reported over the years. Still, this recent and bizarre encounter no doubt will have quite a lasting impression for the witnesses who observed it.

It all started as the witness was sitting on his deck under the half moon. In his report he stated that no more than five minutes had passed before suddenly a strange object glimmered just to the East of the moon and lower to the ground. As he stood shocked he called for his daughter and son, the children came out and watched in astonishment for some thirty minutes as it appeared to swim through the air toward the coast.

The witness’ son decided to go inside and acquire a hunting scope through which they got a closer look at the object, and the witness submitting the report conveys that the object looked more like a jellyfish than a traditional craft, although it did not have the long tendrils coming out from it. As they watched it move over the object or creature suddenly became longer than wide much like a jellyfish does while swimming and hung suspended as it glided ever further from the observers. The witness’ wife then joined them on the deck and all five of them watched in shocked amazement.

The witness goes on to say this was not the first time they had seen this object, and it had in fact been seen at least twice before. They then went on to suggest that other witnesses in the California Burbank area similarly submit their sightings to MUFON and even suggested that there was a chance the device, which had faithfully shown up two nights in a row may be making another appearance on the 19th just west of the moon. The witness further contends that he was unable to take any video of the object partially because he did not have any.

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