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11 January 2011, JellyBean @ 12:02 pm

The first cables in the Wikileaks releases to mention UFO’s has now come out via Norwegian news site AftenPosten.no. As I predicted earlier, there was nothing of much interest which emerged.

Basically there were a few lines of comment by Yuriy Zhadobin, who was Chairman of the intelligence service of the former Soviet Republic of Belarus on why they no longer investigate UFO reports.

In the cable, he is quoted as saying:

“Unlike during the USSR, the department is not engaged in studying paranormal phenomena. [Back then,] we had greater means and opportunities which we could spend on anything and everything.

Today the situation is different. Then, when society was excited by something, it entered our sphere of interest.

But when it comes to healers, UFOs and such, we just can´t deal with them any more.”

“However, it is worth noting that in yet-to-be-published parts of the Cablegate archive, there are indeed references to UFOs,” Assange said during an interview.

I am anticipating that all of these cables will be similar in nature to this one: stray comments, supposition and really nothing worthy of note. Of course I could be wrong too 😉

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