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21 July 2009, JellyBean @ 10:04 am

This report was heard today on Coast to Coast AM.

War of the Worlds“The 370 children at Southway Junior School, in Burgess Hill, west Sussex, saw a ‘spaceship’ crash near their school and then aliens grabbed a member of staff as part of the performance.The ‘alien invasion’ show, which was supported by Sussex Police, took place without parents being informed, leaving some furious that they had to comfort their terrified children.”

Did this exercise benefit the kids in any way? It is strange that similar kinds of ‘exercises’ are also held across the pond in the US. Every so often we hear of police staging ‘terror attacks’ on school kids without the prior knowledge of the parents. This incident is no different.

Why do these ‘authorities’ feel that these are necessary?

Read the whole report on The Telegraph

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