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15 July 2010, JellyBean @ 8:28 am

I’m very into biology, and the possibility of intelligent extraterrestrial life. Therefore, I’ve decided to do a quick overview of the evolutionary biology of some of the more commonly reported alien species.

I’ll start with the most familiar. The Greys. Often reported in conjunction with abductions, the general physical description of the Greys is as follows: roughly 3-4 feet tall, pale grey to white skin, very large pupil-less eyes, slender build with abnormally long fingers and an extremely large cranium. The general build to me suggests evolution on a world with significantly lower gravity than Terra. The size of the eyes and pale skin point towards either a home planet on the outer edge of of it’s star’s habitable zone, or a primarily subterranean existence. Alternatively, these adaptations could indicate a spacefairing species. The skin colour and head size are reminiscent of terrestrial cetaceans, specifically the beluga. It seems quite possible that the Greys evolved from a cetaceanoid progenitor species. Some support for this is that the Grey have never been heard speaking, but communicate with each other by unknown means, often specified as telepathy. Cetacean or subterranean ancestry could explain this, with directed UHF or VLF sounds in place of speech.

Next up are the infamous Reptilians, also know as Dracos. Usually put at roughly 7 feet tall, the Reptilians (or Reptoids as David Icke calls them.

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