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8 August 2008, JellyBean @ 3:31 am

Forest RhinoThis exclusive story was gathered from eye-witness testimony and is breaking here on Mysterious Universe.

It was a hot summer day on the 11th of July, 2007 in the town of Sanmenxia in Henan Province in central China. The humdrum of town life was broken when a man arrived at the local police station to report a frightening ordeal. The man was a poor farmer on the outskirts of the town, close to a natural forest preserve. He reported that a huge, terrifying monster had come out of the forest and killed three farmers – and it was still there!


The police and a number of townsfolk drove out to the site and saw the damage done by the ‘monster’. Indeed it had killed three farmers by what looked like trampling. The surrounding area showed clear signs that something unusual had happened. However the creature was nowhere to be seen and the local people said that the monster had gone back into the forest.

Suddenly from the underbrush near the forest edge, the people heard strange rustling and thumping noises. Rather than face the monster, they decided to beat a hasty retreat. The police, unwilling to endanger themselves, decided that the best bet was to call in the People’s Liberation Army to deal with the situation.

That afternoon an army helicopter was dispatched to do an aerial reconnaissance of the area. To their astonishment, they indeed saw a huge creature in the area of the forest. Summoning the ground troops, they kept watch over the creature. Sometime in the afternoon the soldiers had succeeded in capturing the beast alive. It was quickly moved out of the area and the townsfolk and farmers were left with a lot of unanswered questions. What was the creature? Where was it going?

According to an official in the People’s Liberation Army, the soldiers had succeeded to capture a rhino. This in itself leads to many questions, as no rhino are currently native to China. All rhino species have been extinct in China for centuries. Any possible rhino sighting would have taken place in the south of China, near the Vietnam border where there are rumors of the Sumatran or Javan Rhino still living in the wild.

So what did they really capture?

One person I spoke to said, “The creature was much bigger than a cow. It had more than one horn on its head”. Another witness claims that the creature was definitely not a rhino. “It was too big and ugly to be a rhino!” he said.

The area where the creature was captured is an ancient forest and is protected by the Chinese government. Could this creature have been a cryptological discovery? Could it possibly be a triceratops or related animal? Could this be one of the very last remaining and thought to be extinct species of Asian Rhino? Or was it really a monster?

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