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14 April 2010, JellyBean @ 7:59 am

Wormholes. We’ve all heard the word before, and we’re used to the concept (thanks to science fiction) that wormholes could be tunnels to either completely different locations in space or in time!

How so? You see, when you get enough mass (or other form of energy) in a small enough space, it becomes harder and harder to escape from it, gravitationally. The Earth isn’t so bad; you “only” have to travel at about 25,000 miles-per-hour (~40,000 km/hr) to escape from its gravity, something we’ve been doing since the 1960s.

But if you keep turning up the mass, you’d need to travel faster and faster to escape. You can add mass to something arbitrarily, but as for velocity? There’s a limit to that: the speed of light. If you make something so massive that you can’t escape from it, even if you move at light-speed, congratulations! You’ve just made a black hole: something with gravity, but that emits no light; that anything can be sucked into, but that nothing can escape from!

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