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24 July 2010, JellyBean @ 4:10 pm

There has been a considerable amount of talk about the unexplained activity in the oceans for years, but now the evidence is yet again being reviewed, with a new focus on a point between several sites that are each considered significant in the UFO community. And now there is a theory for why these objects seem to drop by these places so often. What if there was an underwater laboratory or base where these objects and their occupants congregated?

There have been a number of deep sea anomalies that seem to point to something lurking beneath the waves far beyond our comprehension. Tales of great beasts roaming beneath the ocean have been with us since the dawn of storytelling. But these new tales are accompanied by some very strange and convincing eyewitness accounts and further evidence gathered by researchers and sensing platforms.

One of the more perplexing aspects of this theory of underwater activity is the body of scientific data collected by listening platforms that has suggested over several years that there is something (although what exactly we do not know) very large making quite a ruckus under the water. The infamous “bloop” signal picked up by deep sea listening stations is only the most well known example. One of the strangest aspects of the “bloop” was that from what scientists could gather the object making the sound had been organic in nature, but would have had to be several hundred times larger than any known fish in the ocean.

Read the article here: Unexplainable.net

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