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1 December 2010, JellyBean @ 8:53 am

I got sent this in an email and I am posting it ‘as is’. I think that it has been badly translated from Spanish, so it is a bit weird reading it:

Honoring the proclamation issued in Lajas, Puerto Rico a few years ago, Professor Reinaldo Rios operator of the measure proposed in this celebration wants to remember the fact as a historical one. This event coincides with the date of birth of his creator. This is because the Sunday, December 5, 2010 will hold a vigil at the facilities located on the Extraterrestrial Route that is on State Road 303 PR Lajas municipality, Kilometer 7, MF 8 to 9:00 night.

Additional honor will be held at the beginning of the alien known as Christmas, which is in the petition that in their cribs and Christmas trees placed star instead of a UFO in representation of what happened is understood at the time or symbolism to a new space age.

Come celebrate the International Day of Aliens with Reinaldo Ríos large global vigil in connection with other international groups will be connected to exchange views or experiences in a chat.

On the way to declare 2010 as the International Year of UFO sightings. Through Internet we have representatives from different places, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, Virgin Islands, United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Canada, Spain, Iltalia, France, Brazil . Colombia among others through a chat we’ll link to them in this waking world.

The entrance to the evening night is free.

Can camp.
Phone 787-821-3613
Call ahead, space is limited

Email: uforeinaldorios@hotmail.com

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