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4 August 2009, JellyBean @ 10:38 am

Whitley Strieber, mostly known for his alien encounters is an avid follower of crop circles and is interested in finding their meaning. On his site Unknown Country, they report a crop circle so complex that it would have been impossible for fakers to make it in the short time available to them.

“On Wednesday, July 14 a guest on William Henry’s Revelations offered the opinion that most of the crop formations of the astonishing 2009 season were probably manmade. After the program, Whitley Strieber commented privately that what was needed was a formation so extraordinary that it ended the debate, and enabled us all to begin to address the much larger question of what they REALLY are. Between 4:00AM and 5:18AM English Summer Time on the 14th, in the famous east field near Alton Barnes, just such a formation had appeared.”

Weave Crop Circle

Read more: Unknown Country: Stunning Crop Formation Virtually Ends the Debate

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