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In this issue:

* Underground people of Cannock Chase

In the heart of the West Midlands of England is a place called Cannock Chase. This place, near Stafford has a long history of strange happenings and weird sightings.

In recent times, sightings of werewolf, bigfoot and other strange creatures abound. Witnesses include people like the local post man, ex-police officers, military
personnel, police and even a scout master.

* Baby killing witch of Albania

In the early twentieth century, there was an outburst of unexplained infant deaths in Albania. At the time little was known about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and in this undeveloped country, the finger was immediately pointed at the shtriga.

In Albanian folklore the shtriga is a vampiric witch which sucks the blood of infants during the night. Afte she has had her fill, she would then turn into a small flying insect (typically a moth, bee or fly) and make her escape.

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* Local Residents Snap Pictures Of Possible UFOs

* Mystery animal bites and scratches man

* The new pill that could signal the death of the common cold

* Real ghost hunting – not that fake stuff on TV

* The Bigfoot hoax of 2008

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11 August 2008, JellyBean @ 4:35 am

In this issue:

* Riddle of the NZ Skull

During October, 2004, a local resident of Featherston, on the North Island of New Zealand, was walking along the Ruamahunga River. In the course of his ambling he stumbled over a yellowing, cracked human skull. Hurriedly he called the police, thinking that this could have been the victim of a homicide or accident. What happened next has given rise to an unexplained riddle.

The police noticed that the skull was very old and handed it on to forensic scientists who discovered something very odd. Their research has shown the skull belonged to a European woman who lived about 270 years ago – a century before the first known arrival of white settlers in the country.

* The Honey Island Swamp Monster

Just an hour’s drive from New Orleans in the Louisiana bayou, lurks a creature – not quite human and not quite beast.

It stands seven feet tall with gray hair and yellow eyes and if you are lucky enough to see it, you should block your nose as it is always accompanied by a disgusting smell. It is the Honey Island Swamp Monster.

Widely regarded as one of the most pristine swampland habitats in the United States, the Honey Island Swamp covers an area that is over 20 miles long and nearly 7 miles across, with 34,896 of its 70,000 acres government sanctioned as permanently protected wildlife area.

It was 1974 when the world first heard of this monster when two Air Traffic Controllers, Harlan Ford and Ray Mills emerged from the swamp with an unbelievable story – and even more unbelievable evidence.

… and in the forums you can find news on:

* Chard ‘UFO’ mystery

* Crop circle star sign mystery

* Hunt for budding ghost hunters
* KAZ II inquest week

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1 August 2008, JellyBean @ 4:27 am

In this issue:

* Was Frederick Valentich abducted by a UFO?

In early evening of October 21, 1978, Frederick Valentich, a 20 year old pilot took off from Melbourne’s Moorabbin airport. He was on his way to King Island which is just off the coast of Victoria.

The journey was only 130 miles away and in his Cessna 182 it should have taken just over an hour for him to make the trip. Unfortunately something mysterious happened and he didn’t arrive at his destination.

* Naysayers beware the skeptic raping Popo Bawa

The residents of Zanzibar are growing increasingly worried as Tanzania approaches their 2010 general elections. The reason is not so much due to political violence, but rather for fear that Popo Bawa will reappear.

… and in the forums you can find news on:

* ‘Montauk Monster’ Has Hamptons in a Tizzy

* Adventurer Steve Fossett ‘may have faked his death’

* Ed Mitchell and UFO believers

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