18 September 2008, JellyBean @ 6:48 am

Recently we had the prediction of some scientists that the world would end due to the the Large Hadron Collider. I have also noticed a growing number of people talking about the Mayan calendar and what could possibly happen in 2012. Throw into the mix the recent prophecy of Blossom Goodchild concerning the potential alien visitation in October, and we have some very interesting times.

I decided to have a look at some prophecies that weren’t quite prophetic, as well as a couple of future ones which we may get to see for ourselves. Here is a short list of them:


Over 100 members of the Russian cult Brothers and Sisters of the Red Death committed suicide om November 13th in preparation for the end of the world.

Antonio Conselheiro from Brazil convinced his followers that the world would end by the end of 1900.

Father Pierre Lachèze similarly foresaw the apocalypse during this year – eight years after the Temple in Jerusalem was to be rebuilt. Neither have yet occured.



Margaret Rowan claimed that the angel Gabriel appeared to her in a vision. He revealed that the world would end at midnight on 13 February. This also happened to be a Friday the 13th. Nothing happened.


Prophet and psychic, Edgar Cayce believed that the world would end through a reconfiguration of the continents. With all the upheavals and the rise of Atlantis, much of California would crumble into the sea and problems on the poles would cause volcanoes in the tropics. He later amended the prediction to 1998.


This year was a bonus year for the apocalypse. There were a number of prophecies and predictions made from people around the world. I have just given a few of them:

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