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26 April 2010, JellyBean @ 7:28 am

The year was 1901 and Signor Mauro Pansini, a building contractor, and his family moved into a home near the town hall of Ruvo in Apulia. The house was old and needed work, but Signor Pansini had the skills to improve it. Little did he and his family know, but the move was to start off a series of improbable and mysterious events.

Within days of moving in, strange things started happening. At first items would move around, seemingly without anyone in the family touching them. Quickly, however, the situation got worse. Articles were inexplicably thrown around the house and they discovered that even their crockery had been broken!

Signor Pansini had two sons – Alfredo and Paolo. unfortunately the poltergeist was not content with destroying their possessions, but decided to take an interest in the young Alfredo – then only seven years old.

One evening, Alfredo was at home. Suddenly he fell into a trance-like state and began to speak and recite in French, Latin and Greek – language that he did not know or understand. His family were shocked at this turn of events. Over the coming weeks, this episode would repeat itself. Finally in desperation, Signor Pansini sent Alfredo off to a local seminary. The strangeness immediately stopped.

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