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19 April 2010, JellyBean @ 10:35 am

When it comes to UFOs and extraterrestrials, there are two main groups of believers: those who believe extraterrestrials visit Earth routinely, and those who actively seek evidence of extraterrestrial life.

The last group, represented by organizations such as the SETI Institute, would love to find other-worldly life forms, but are disappointed that their 50 year search for life in the universe has netted nothing.

There is no shortage of news items concerning the first group of believers. Stories of presumed animal mutilations are blamed on extraterrestrials, while continued sightings of UFOs make the news on a regular basis.

It is the obsessiveness of the last group, with claims of UFO sightings as well as abductions, that demands explanation, particularly because belief in aliens is now widely accepted.

Dr. David Halperin, Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was once a self-described teen-aged UFO investigator who grew up to become a scholar, author, and novelist. As a scholar, Dr. Halperin wrote five books on Jewish mysticism and messianism, as well as some 20 articles on the same topic. Dr. Halperin has been examining his own childhood beliefs in extraterrestrials, an introspection that has resulted in his first novel, Journal of a UFO Investigator, available in 2011.

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