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28 July 2010, JellyBean @ 6:45 pm

We have all heard the idea that UFO crafts may be both machine and living creations. I have heard theories that talk about the crafts we see in our skies being not only alien made but of living material. The theory is that UFO’s may be a combination of machine or part machine and part organic. Others think some forms of alien crafts are 100% living creatures .

The idea becomes more realistic to me as I watch our own advances in science cross over to applying man made parts into our own organic bodies. We long ago passed over into the world of fake body parts. Hip replacements, knee replacements, pace makers, even breast enhancements are all man made parts inter graded into our human bodies.

We have been manipulating our food source with engineered food grown from genetically altered seeds which is on the rise and looks to be our future. We talk about genetically engineered humans or designer babies. It is obvious we are on a rapid path to becoming a species of humans inter graded with machines.

Time will tell us how far we take this hybrid road in the future. We have choices of course to use these advances for the good of humanity or to use them to wipe out humanity to something else- something more cold and steal rather than warm and human. I fear this outcome but realize that the human race does not always take the right course of action and understand almost anything is possible as far as our future is concerned.

Knowing we are on this road of human , machine technology combination I understand societies far more advanced than we are may also have crossed this path long before us. With that said I do not find it unreasonable to believe the creatures that visit us may be combination’s of living material and intelligently designed machine. Those who are far more advanced than we are may have found a way to send living machinery out to do the investigating of the universe.

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