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19 January 2011, JellyBean @ 8:48 am

We often hear stories of alien abductions, cattle mutilations and crop circles. These mysterious phenomena have almost become part of our lives as they are reported on frequently in the press.

One phenomenon which is not reported on is that of water which mysteriously vanishes without any clues as to where it has gone. I have personally seen a case like this when a neighbor had the water in their swimming pool mysteriously vanish overnight. The evening before the pool was full and the next morning it was empty and bone dry.

Scott Corrales was written an excellent article on his site Inexplicata about this enigma:

During a segment of the Montel Williams Show that aired in 2004, namely a segment featuring controversial psychic Sylvia Browne, a member of the audience asked the seer if she could provide the answer to a nagging question: One morning she awoke to find that all of the water in her swimming pool was completely gone, with no signs of cracks in the cement or tell-tale puddles of water around the structure. Without missing a beat, Browne replied: “Oh, honey, those were aliens!”

A frivolous subject to some, but a no-nonsense situation to cattle ranchers and property owners in South America. For a very long time, reports have emerged from isolated farms and suburban residences involving the complete and utter absence of water from in-ground pools and large open water tanks for the sort seen on farms. Very rarely do the victims of this “exfiltration” leap to the conclusion that saucer pilots have stopped by for a sip of H2O: conventional explanations have invariably been sought first – leakage by sudden cracks appearing in pools or the seams of water towers, for example. But the liquid vanishes far too quickly – overnight – for this to be a normal occurrence. An average in-ground swimming pool with a ten thousand gallon capacity will require electric pumps and many hours, perhaps even a day, to empty completely, with the inevitable flooding of the grass surrounding the structure. A mammoth water tank holding five times the amount might take days. Yet the disappearances always occur overnight, or in even less time.

Read the whole article on Inexplicata.com

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