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25 November 2008, JellyBean @ 10:08 am

A mystery is brewing in British Columbia. Over the past 15 months, human feet in running shoes have been washing ashore.

Last Tuesday a couple, Ken and Diana Johnstone, were walking along the tidal flat area along the Fraser River and spotted a shoe. On closer inspection they discovered what looked like a sock with human remains inside the shoe. This makes it seven sch discoveries over the past 15 months.

Five disembodied human feet have mysteriously floated ashore in the Canada’s Georgia Strait since August 2007, and sixth foot was found three months ago in adjacent U.S. waters near Port Angeles, Washington.

There have also been a number of hoaxes, with one that turned out to be a pigs foot sneakily put into a shoe and put on shore.


The latest grisly discovery has been sent to the local coroner to test on whether it really is human, or just another hoax.

“Obviously due to the fact that a hoax was perpetrated previously and then extensively reported on we want to proceed cautiously until we know exactly what we are dealing with,” said Constable Annie Linteau of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police told reporters.

Police are continuing to probe missing-persons files to identify the remains in all the cases where human remains were confirmed through tests.

So far Canadian and US police have been unable to determine who the feet belonged to, although they say that two of the feet belong to the same person. This was determined through DNA testing. They went on to say that there is no evidence of foul play.

Most of the running shoes have been ‘New Balance’ and ‘Nike’ brands.

People have been wondering whether a serial killer is at work, and that these finds are the remains which float free. Other speculate that medical waste companies have been dumping human remains.

The more adventurous have speculated that perhaps these are the leftovers from alien experiments – much in the ilk of cow mutilations.

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