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11 April 2010, JellyBean @ 7:12 am

If life does exist on Saturn’s intriguing moon Titan, it probably stinks.

The icy moon has long been seen as a potential spot for extraterrestrial life, but so far, there’s no evidence of any living things there.

And if there were life on Titan, it would likely involve chemicals that are noxious and disgusting to humans, scientists say.

“This idea that you can walk up to the alien ambassador and shake their hand is very unlikely,” said biochemist William Bains of MIT and the Cambridge, England-based Rufus Scientific. He explained that these other worldly life forms would probably be so foreign to us that it might be difficult to recognize them as life, and coming into contact with them could prove hazardous.

For example, Titan life’s metabolism might involve chemical compounds such as phosphine and hydrogen sulfide, which are both foul-smelling gases that are toxic to humans.

“They’re truly horrible chemicals – to us,” Bains told SPACE.com. “But if this sort of life did exist our sort of chemistry would be dangerous and reactive to them.”

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