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Since 1976, John Baker has run the Bakers Junction Railroad Museum in Smithville, Indiana. The museum — which operates a haunted house in old railcars — has fallen on tough financial times, so Baker’s turned to an unusual source of fundraising capital. That is, his own severed thumb.

Here’s John’s story:

I was using a saw over my head but I only have one good leg & it has a bad knee & it gave out & I fell down & the saw jumped out & cut my finger off.

I dumped out a coke & put my finger in the glass of ice & my friend James drove me to the VA hospital 60 miles [away] but the saw mangled my finger up [too] bad to be put back on so I put it back into [my] pocket & brought it home.

I had my finger mummified & made [into] a key chain on a stainless [steel] chain set in clear plastic.

I am selling it to pay for a new metal roof for the two train stations at Bakers Junction Railroad Museum at Smithville Indiana & they need a new roof badly.

According to John, his money troubles stem from a conflict with the “Commie zoning board” of Bloomington, Indiana. If you enjoy dismembered appendages and haunted railcars, this is a stop for your next vacation.

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29 September 2011, JellyBean @ 5:07 am

Skunk Ape or just a big monkey?

Authorities in Florida said a large monkey, estimated to be 4 feet tall when on all fours, has been spotted at least four times in the St. Cloud region.

Osceola County Animal Control and the St. Cloud Police Department said the primate has been spotted in the area on at least four occasions, once behind a Home Depot store in Dakota Avenue and three times in the Wisconsin Avenue area, WKMG-TV, Orlando, reported Wednesday.

Authorities said they do not know where the animal came from and they are encouraging anyone who spots the monkey to call police or Animal Control.

Les Platt, who lives in the Wisconsin Avenue area, said the monkey was spotted by some houseguests.

“He just walked across, and then he stood upright on his two hind legs. Up to that point, they thought they were looking at a wildcat,” Plett said. “I lived in the Philippines, I had a number of pet monkeys — and they can be very mean and can bite — so maybe someone just got tired of taking care of the monkey.”


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Israeli Channel 10 exposes Actors and film teacher/students who all took a part in this.

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A Northern Territory man was shaken after an encounter with a UFO south of Tennant Creek. The man, who wished to be identified only as Aiden, was an hour south of Tennant Creek on his way to Melbourne when he noticed a bright light following him closely. Aiden said he had left Tennant Creek at about 3.30am.

“About an hour after I had set off I looked in my side mirror and noticed a light behind me,” he said. He thought nothing of it, believing it was another car – but the light got brighter. “I thought ‘geez, they must be driving fast’ as I was doing 120km/h,” he said. “When I looked again after a few minutes the light was really bright but it was in the bloody sky.”

Aiden said he started to freak out when he noticed the light was not coming from another car or truck. “I put the foot down a bit more,” he said. “Then I looked back again and this time the light was huge and the most brightest light I had ever seen. But the strange thing is that the light had like an orange colour to it, but was white at the same time.

“It was about the size of a large car and stayed with me for about 20 or 30 minutes. I said to myself: ‘no, no, no, not me, go and take someone else, I am not interested,” he said. Expert Territory UFOlogist Alan Ferguson said it had happened many times before. “The Aborigines called them ‘min min’ lights’,” Mr Ferguson said.

Source: NT News

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