28 February 2011, JellyBean @ 8:04 am

The Nation Of Islam has announced that one of the topics to be discussed during this year’s Saviours’ Day Convention in Chicago will be a panel discussing proof of alien visitation and why global sightings are on the rise:

The Nation of Islam, long known for its promotion of black nationalism and self-reliance, now is calling attention to another core belief that perhaps isn’t so well-known: the existence of UFOs.

When thousands of followers gather in suburban Chicago this weekend for the group’s annual Saviours’ Day convention, one of the main events will include a panel of scientists discussing worldwide UFO sightings, which they claim are on the rise.

The idea of seeking the divine in the skies is deeply rooted in the Chicago-based Nation of Islam, whose late leader Elijah Muhammad detailed in speeches and writings a massive hovering object loaded with weapons he called “The Mother Plane” — although religion experts, Nation of Islam leaders and believers offer very different interpretations of what exactly happens aboard the plane, its role or how it fits into religious teachings.

It’s one of the group’s more misunderstood — and ridiculed — beliefs, something organizers took into account when planning the convention, which starts Friday and ends Sunday with Minister Louis Farrakhan’s keynote address.

Read more: Fox News

I am looking forward to seeing if anything new will be released or discussed…

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25 February 2011, JellyBean @ 10:21 am

What on earth (or off earth as the case may be) was seen emerging from the space shuttle cargo bay on NASA TV?

There are big discussion on NASA Spaceflight forums and the Above Top Secret forums.

This is after the launch of the Discovery 1:53PM PST, 2/24/2011

I was watching this on Live NASA TV, and I wanted to recorded the doors opening off the shuttle, so I began to record using fraps, and a mysterious black dot moving really really fast appears at the bottom left (:11 SECONDS). Can’t be a bird, too fast. Can’t be a satellite, too low (it fades under the clouds). Can’t be a plane or jet (Military is suppost to be shut down on shuttle schedules?).

YouTube Preview Image

Could it be a micro-UFO??

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23 February 2011, JellyBean @ 10:01 am

Former astronaut, Dr Edgar Mitchell recently revealed on the podcast ‘The Unexplained with Howard Hughes‘ that a ‘cabal’ of people from the military industrial complex hold definitive proof of aliens and UFO’s.

“It is a matter of power and control – who controls the most powerful technology in and out of this world that can get us somewhere else and who can make the most money out of it,” Dr Mitchell said.

The leadership of this cabal in not strictly government, although some government officials are involved, he told Howard Hughes.

He said that he believes that many alien species have interacted with humans. Some of these he believes have been involved over several hundred years.

“There are those (Aliens) who are trying to help us, but it is also up to us to help ourselves,” he said.

Mitchell went on to say that he doesn’t have any definitive, hard proof of aliens, but bases his opinion on accounts and information given to him by people in positions of power.

The interview also covered his career as an astronaut, our planet and moon-landing skeptics.

You can hear the entire interview on the ‘The Unexplained with Howard Hughes‘ podcast.

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22 February 2011, JellyBean @ 10:35 am

In the heart of Africa, within the Kruger National Park in South Africa is a private game reserve called Timbavati.

Timbavati is the home of many of South Africa’s greatest animals, but it is most well known for a one of the rarest creatures of all – the white lion.

The folklore of the local Shangaan people have for hundreds of years spoken of how these creatures came to be.

Four hundred odd years ago there lived a mighty queen. Not only was she queen, but also a great spiritual person and the Rain Queen of her people. She was known as Queen Numbi, the ugly.

Although ugly in appearance, her people loved and respected her and when illness struck, feared for her life.

According to legend, Numbi’s legs and stomach swelled up and she was running a fever. Modern medicine tells us that this could have been a condition called ‘Elephantitis’ which could have been caused by Malaria.

As Queen Numbi got closer and closer to death, her people prayed to the ancestral spirits for help and healing. For months nothing happened and Queen Numbi got worse.

One day, when Queen Numbi was extremely close to death and her followers were at their wit’s end, night fell and the stars started appearing.

Suddenly one star grew bigger than the rest. As the people gazed upwards, the star got closer and closer. It is said that the animals in the bush started making a huge noise when the star got near.

People started shouting:

“Timbi le!”, “It has come down!”

“Timbi le vaa ti!”, “It has come down to the ground!”

Slowly the bright light floated down before touching down not far from the hut of the great Queen.

With her servants helping her, Queen Numbi was helped out of her hut and saw the bright light illuminating the whole area. She knew exactly what to do.

Read the whole article on our sister site: Strange News Daily Blog

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