12 November 2010, JellyBean @ 11:04 am

I do not personally believe this, but thought you would all find it interesting anyway.

We have all heard the conspiracy that the US government faked the moon landings. The primary reason given by conspiracy theorists is that it was done for ‘national pride’ during the cold war. Now is there evidence to suggest that China is doing a similar thing?

China is renowned for faking things. During the Olympics, they faked footage of the firework display. The singer in the opening ceremony was fake too (the real one was hiding backstage). Let alone all the thousands of fake items they produce. When it comes to fakes, nothing can beat the Chinese.

So what happened with their space program?

One of their biggest PR events was the Shenzhou 7 space walk. But according to some bloggers, this was all faked.

Apparently the original footage from CCTV is unedited, showing bubbles, verbal slips, and other evidence that China’s launch into outer space was a fraud. It was filmed in a pool, a neutral buoyancy laboratory.

But even before the launch got off the ground there was controversy. Associated Press discovered complete launch and in-flight coverage provided at Xinhau before liftoff ever happened, including chats between astronauts and ground control. The “in-flight report” disappeared after the AP discovery with officials citing ‘difficulties’.

The live broadcast of the space walk appeared on Thursday when the launch was not till Friday… NORAD says there was NO launch from China till Sunday!

Check it out here:

YouTube Preview Image

Now check out this video on the faking evidence:

YouTube Preview Image

Read more HERE and for another opinion look HERE.

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