1 August 2010, JellyBean @ 6:18 pm

Pet psychics are serious about their jobs. Dead serious.

In fact, to find a missing pet, pet psychics like Ellen Kohn will turn to reincarnation — looking into an animals’ past lives — for clues to where it might be.

This was the case last year when Christine Horowitz lost her 13-year-old golden shepherd, Dina, to cancer. Distraught, Horowitz remembered Kohn, who had mentioned contacting animals in the afterlife during a previous consultation about her mother’s missing cat.

“I have worked with other animal communicators, but I didn’t know any that could find pets reincarnated,” Horowitz said. “I trusted [Kohn], but I was like, ‘How would we find this puppy? Thousands are born every day.'”

But when Kohn began channeling the deceased dog and asked Horowitz about Dina putting her paws on her shoulders, Horowitz was sold — she and Dina would often dance around, always with Dina’s paws on her shoulders.

Sure enough, Kohn kept talking with Dina’s spirit, who led her to a picture on Petfinder.com of a puppy that jumped out at her, and Horowitz eagerly visited Dina’s possible incarnation.

Nine months later, Horowitz is sure this new dog, a foxhound-mix named Annie, is Dina.

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