26 July 2010, JellyBean @ 8:31 am

THE tortured family of a mum who has been missing for 50 years want police to dig up an old cellar – after being guided there by a psychic.

The family of Bridget Robertson – known as Breda – were led to a tenement in Easter Road, Edinburgh, by self-styled psychic detective Jacqui O’Reilly.

Breda’s son Adrian, 54, said: “What Jacqui has told me is absolutely electrifying.

“She’s correct in all the things she’s said, right down to the description of one of the men my stepmother brought into our house.

“Jacqui has confirmed so much, I now have to accept mum was murdered.”

O’Reilly, from Preston, Lancashire, said: “I’m convinced Adrian’s mother never left the house in Easter Road in October 1960.

“She was murdered so that evil people could get at her children – of that I’m certain.

“Breda was just 24-years-old and, despite having had a terrible life, she would never have left her children.

“There’s a cellar or crawl space which the police should investigate under the building.

“I feel her body is under a large area of concrete disguised to look like a floor.’ She added: “I do not believe the man involved is alive today.”

Read more: Daily Record

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