8 May 2009, JellyBean @ 1:02 pm

They have started!

Yes it is now crop circle season again in the northern hemisphere and this year has kicked off with a bang!

West Kennet Crop CircleTwo mysterious circles appeared on ancient burial sites near Swindon, England. The first appeared on April 14th just outside Avebury, an ancient site of standing stones. At 120 ft it was quite a big one.

The second appeared on April 19th on the West Kennet long barrow, also an ancient burial site. This design was different as it contained a ‘pisces’ design inside it.

Both were found by crop circle hunter, Stuart Dike, 40.

“Both of these circles echo other formations which have appeared in previous years.

“Crop circles are mind-boggling things. I was awestruck by the size and beauty of these two crop circles.”

Across the ocean in Bedford County, Virginia, other crop circles have turned up on May 4th. Owner of the property, Ralph White, dismisses the possiblity of aliens. He does however call the phenomenon ‘unearthly’.

Check out a video of the strange formations on the ABC link below.

Swindon Advertiser: Good start to crop circle season

ABC13: Crop Circles in Bedford County?

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