7 April 2009, JellyBean @ 1:05 pm

Five former military personnel have come forward to reveal that they worked at the secretive Area 51 testing facility. While stationed at Area 51 they claimed they worked on top secret CIA and military projects including a supersonic jet that could travel at three times the speed of sound.

The appearance and flight performance of the top secret OXCART program led it to being often mistaken as a UFO according to the whistleblowers. A Los Angeles Times article with their testimonies concluded that the UFO mystery has been solved. Before celebrating the solution of the UFO mystery, it’s worth considering some information that the LA Times article did not.

The LA Times article, “The Road to Area 51″ was written by investigative author, Annie Jacobsen. She was able to interview the five retired military personnel due to a 2007 CIA decision to declassify fifty year old files concerning the OXCART or A-12 spy plane. This allowed the five to come forward for the first time to reveal their former classified activities.

All revealed their roles in the CIA’s top secret development and testing of the OXCART as Lockheed’s replacement for the U-2 for intelligence gathering flights over the Soviet Union. Satellites were still in development at the time so spy planes like the OXCART and U2 were a way of secretly gathering intelligence of Soviet operations. If a 1997 CIA History is to be believed, the UFO mystery was exploited as a convenient cover for spy planes like the U-2 and OXCART.

There is however a problem with this – thousands of UFO reports predate the OXCART project. Reports from the 1940’s and 50’s describe advanced performance UFO’s. They described objects moving froma very low to very high speed, at times also hanging motionless in the air. No other aircraft could do anything like this at the time.

Another problem is that there are hundreds of other credible witnesses to secret UFO projects, as well as crashed UFO recovery – such as the Roswell incident. Can we discount all their testimony on the word of these five?

Could the US government be using this as a means to cover-up the UFO phenomena even more? After all, any new sightings could just be explained away as just another classified project.

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LA Times: The Road to Area 51

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