26 March 2009, JellyBean @ 11:01 am

It has the head of a bat, red eyes, purple skin and wings of a pterodactyl. What is it?
It is the newest creepy monster which people say is stalking small animals near Mount St Helens, which they have now dubbed Batsquatch.

Paul Dale Roberts, paranormal investigator received a phone call one day reporting a sighting of this strange creature near Mount Shasta.

Until now, the only documented sighting of the Batsquatch was reported in 1994 by mountaineer Butch Whittaker. Whittaker claimed to have taken several photos of the creature as it flew over head in the light of day. These photos have never been released and some doubt that they even exist at all.

Mount Shasta itself already has its fair bit of weirdness in the past, with reports of UFO’s, bigfoot, ghosts, the Lemurians and even visitiations from venusians.

Some people theorize that when Mount St. Helens erupted, it also opened up a dimensional portal, through which strange creatures emerged, one of which is the creature known as Batsquatch. This creature has since moved on to Mount Shasta.

Sightings of Batsquatch date back to the 1980’s, but it is still seen up into present times.

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