13 March 2009, JellyBean @ 12:43 pm

Paranormal Investigator Richard Felix, joined Jim Kusler and Jeff Baranick on Fox Friday Night Live to discuss ghostly encounters from England. Originally aired on KDKT/Bismarck, ND Friday October 26th 2007.

This is Part 1 of this amazing interview. Part 2 will come out tomorrow, with the final part on Sunday.

Richard Felix

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13 March 2009, JellyBean @ 12:36 pm

Pensioner Jill wade woke up one morning this past week to discover the Devil’s footprints in the snow outside her Devon home.
Devon's Devil Footprints
The hooflike marks are chillingly familiar in this are and have been recorded as far back as 1855, and now Jill hopes to solve this enigmatic mystery.

She said: “I couldn’t believe it — the footprints were in the shape of a cloven hoof. There were no other marks at all in the snow. I’d love to know what it was.”

Legend has it that hooflike marks appeared in Devon on 8 February 1855. The tracks in the snow left a 100 mile trail and despite obstacles like fences and rivers, the continued unbroken.

At the time the church had changed the prayer book and angry parishioners accused them of releasing the devil by doing this.

The unexplained mystery became known as the “Great Devon Mystery” and has appeared on occassion over the years with no conclusive proof on what causes the tracks.

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