25 February 2009, JellyBean @ 12:39 pm

From Google Video:

Have you wondered about the possibility of the authenticity of Crop Circles? Have you wondered if they were created by beings from other planets? Did our world governments convince you that the 9,000+ crop circles that have appeared since the early 1980’s, were the work of two men dragging bags around crops at night?

In Maurice Osborn’s Crop Circle audio Visual presentation, Maurice will demonstrate how these perfectly formed, amazing, complex, geometrically accurate images, have left humankind with more than just pretty pictures!


Part 2 of his video will divulge that a “Message for Humans” been left, however, this message was changed by governments to deceive us. Maurice exposes the “truth” about the original message. The Star People have show through a special crop circle, that we have little time left to complete our important duties on Earth, as this crop circle shows the first four planetary orbits of our solar system, with planet Earth missing, from its third position orbit!


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