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A creature has supposedly been sighted in the murky waters of Flathead Lake in western Montana, USA, since the late 1880s.

The first sighting allegedly occurred in 1889, when passengers and crew of the lake steamer U.S. Grant, commandeered by Capt. James C. Kerr, viewed the beast.

The whale-like object was at first thought to be an approaching boat, but it was soon noticed to be alive, whatever it was.

Sporadic appearances have been viewed by scores of people since then. Documented sightings were reported in the early 1900s, 1912, 1919, 1922-23, 1934, 1937, 1939, and in every decade since.


The most numerous sightings were reported in 1993 – nine of them. On July 29, about 1:30 p.m., a vacationing Illinois policeman and his wife and three kids all witnessed a “nessie” as it surfaced about 50 yards away from their boat in calm waters off the north side of Wild Horse Island.

The creature appeared inthe middle of a school of small fish. It swam past their boat about a hundred yards away but was easy to follow visually because of the wake. They described the creature as shiny with a small ball-sized head and about 15-20 feet long. They also mentioned that it looked like it had ‘humps’.

Three years ago this week a couple from Polson claims to have seen the mysterious creature near the Big Arm shoreline. This is one of the most recent sightings of the unexplained creature.

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IMG_0275 by nickandnoraDo you ever dream of going to a place where the improbable is commonplace? Where everyday physical facts that we take for granted are reversed? Well, there is such a place! You can go and visit it.

Just outside of Gold Hill in Oregon, you will find a roadside attraction named the Oregon Vortex. Here, you can witness objects seemingly roll uphill or balance at odd angles. The attraction’s proprietors claim that it is the result of paranormal properties in the area. Sceptics claim that it is merely an optical illusion.


The phenomenon is only about 165 feet in diameter and has been mentioned in the earliest Oregon historical records. Apparently the native Indians named the area “The Forbidden Ground”. This was partly due to animals refusing to enter the area. In fact today, you will still notice an absence of birds and even insects within the vortex. (more…)

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