25 July 2008, JellyBean @ 3:30 am

TokolosheFrom July 1999 to January 2000, the Sejake family of the Motlonyane village in South Africa became victim to a tokoloshe.

Household items were thrown about, insulting writing appeared on the walls and doors, family members were spat on and swearing was often heard. Except for the Sejake’s young son, no-one ever saw the culprit.

This boy was particularly targeted by the tokoloshe. For some reason it hated him above all the other members of the family. It would take great delight in destroying his schoolbooks and homework, until the boy was forced to leave everything at school. At night it would pinch him to keep him awake, or rattle cupboard doors to create a noise.


The family members would often wake up at night with their bodies smeared in petroleum jelly, hand lotions, shampoo and other substances. Even more strangely, they reported that on occasion they would wake up and find themselves outside the house!


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