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Near the village of Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, in a heavily wooded area of gently rolling hills, is a startlingly open 5 acre field of large bare boulders. The area, known as Ringing Rocks Park, has been known as a strange place as far back as the first Native American settlers. Early European settlers in the 1700 also told stories of this place.

Apart from the boulders, it is also startling to notice the lack of life in the area. It is said that even birds avoid flying over the field and other wildlife take great pains not to enter it. Plant life from the surrounding forest just ends abruptly. To the more spiritual, it looks like a place that has been cursed.

But the field has one other unique and fascinating aspect – many of the boulders within the field ‘sing’ when they are hit with a hammer. Some of the boulders sound like deep gongs, yet others sound like chimes.


Amazingly, the boulders in the surrounding woodland just give the usual ‘thud’ when hit. Only the ones within the field have this peculiar quality. According to visitors to the site, not all the rocks ‘sing’ when struck and you can not visually verify which will ring and which will not.

People have also reported that once you enter the field, compasses start spinning and electronic equipment go crazy.

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23 July 2008, JellyBean @ 5:16 am

No description or context is provided by the author of this video. It is very curious, however. It doesn’t appear to be a special effect, but a genuine phenomenon of some kind. It might not be a ghost, but it does have a vaguely human shape as it appears to come through the brick wall. Then it dissipates. It could be an atmospheric phenomenon of some type… but through a brick wall? One question is: Why was this particular scene being videotaped in the first place? That makes it somewhat suspicious as being a hoax. Yet it’s interesting. What do you think?

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