11 July 2008, JellyBean @ 4:08 am

Calvin Michel is sick and tired of crop circles. He is tired of people asking him questions about them and in particular about the patch of flattened wheat in one of his fields near St. Gregor, Saskatchewan, in western Canada.Crop circle

It all started 3 summers ago in 2005 when he discovered a flattened circle in his barley field. The following year, peas planted in the same field refused to grow in the circular patch.

This past August, son Evan Michel noticed a 15 meter wide circle appearing in the wheat crop.


“‘Mom,’ he called, ‘the aliens are back. Bring the camera out,'” his mother recalls him saying.

This formation outdid the previous ones. On close examination, the family noticed that the wheat stalks were not broken, but laid out neatly in a counter-clockwise position. The stalks were also laid out in an alternating weave pattern. (more…)

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