2 July 2008, JellyBean @ 7:22 am

A family on vacation to Longboat Key found a mysterious corpse on the beach which is stirring up a scientific mystery. Scientists and researchers are struggling to identify the unusual remains. Could it be a previously unidentified species, could it be from a known animal, or could it be the remains of a contemporary dinosaur?

The corpse is described as being half a torso, a large head and sharp daggerlike fins. Not even scientists at Mote Marine Laboratory could say what the strange creature is.

The body was taken to a taxidermist to clean and mount. Even he had no idea what it could be, although he did think that it may be some deep-water eel or sea snake.


Some professors at the University of South Florida initially thought that it may be the remains of a Goliath Grouper, but dismissed this when they viewed the remains.

An archaeologist told Robinson the fossil may be that of a large fish.

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