1 July 2008, JellyBean @ 4:22 am

In the winter of 1930 an incident took place in Canada. A trapper named Arnaud Laurent and his son observed a strange light crossing the northern sky. It appeared to be heading toward the area of Lake Anjikuni. The trappers described the object as cylinder shaped or bullet shaped.

Joe Labelle, another trapper, was visiting an Inuit village of approximately 30 people and was surprised to find the community now barren, devoid of any signs of life. Canoes were still on the beach, rifles at doorways, food had been left in pots. Even the town’s graveyards were empty.


The only sign that anything had lived there were the corpses of the town’s dogs which had died of hunger, chained beneath a tree and covered by a snowdrift.

He reported his discovery to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The RCMP conducted a search for the missing people. No one was ever found.

What happened to these people? Is anyone still searching for them? Will they ever be found?

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