27 June 2008, JellyBean @ 4:18 am

19th century London was terrified of a strange humanoid type being which they called Spring-Heeled Jack. Spring-Heeled Jack would attack his victims at night leaving dreadful scratches and then would bound away with incredible agility.

The mystery of Spring-Heeled Jack has never been explained or solved. In most accounts he made his first appearance in 1837 when Polly Adams, a pub worker was attacked. In that September a further two women were attacked by the entity. It allegedly tore off her blouse and scratched her stomach with its claws.

All the victims agreed that Spring-Heeled Jack was man-like but had a hideous face. He was tall, thin but very powerful and had glowing eyes. Some accounts told of him being able to spit blue flames. He was often reported as wearing a dark cloak over a tight fitting white oilskin suit. One of the other things that all agreed on was his ability to jump incredible heights and distances.


The attacks continued into 1838 and got so much publicity that the Lord Mayor of London declared him “a public nuisance” and prompted vigilante groups to go out in search of the creature.

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26 June 2008, JellyBean @ 9:28 am

The recent spate of UFO incidents in the UK have led to renewed calls for the MOD to investigate the sightings.

One of the most significant UFO incidents in recent years was the observation of a UFO by a crew of a police helicopter and military personnel in south Wales. Shortly after a corporal on guard duty in Shropshire took video footage of a ‘fleet’ of objects which zigzagged across the sky.

Nick Pope, the former UFO expert at the Ministry of Defence said that after these sightings, an inquiry was of vital importance. Radar tapes, video footage and witness statements should be examined as a part of the investigation, he said.


So far the MOD has declined to comment on the incidents, although a spokesman has confirmed that the Shropshire video footage had been handed over to MOD officials.

Check the forum for more information on the recent UFO sightings as well as many other topics. The forum is updated daily.

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25 June 2008, JellyBean @ 3:17 am

Skull collection at the Tuol Sleng Genocide MuseumIt is strange how the human mind reacts in strange situations. Part of it readily accepts that what you are experiencing is well in the realms of the paranormal, yet another part of your mind keeps looking for the rational explanation. This is how I felt leaving the second cellblock.

Was there a rational explanation for all these things that had happened? Was it merely the wind blowing the door (even though the evening was totally calm)? Did my weight on the bed move the box enough for the lid to close (even though the lid was pretty solid and couldn’t really just flip shut)?

By this time I was truly heading away from merely jumpy and nervous and into the realms of scared and terrified! Nevertheless I headed towards the photo gallery and skull collection building. (more…)

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25 June 2008, JellyBean @ 3:16 am

Brick cells in the Tuol Sleng Genocide MuseumFeeling a bit shaken from my experience in the V.I.P. room, I made my way to the next level.

It was here that lines of prisoners were kept chained together. They were not allowed to talk to each other and were brutally beaten and electrocuted for the most minor of offenses.

The hall was pitch dark and I had to use the torch which I was still clutching onto for dear life. I walked slowly down the length of the now empty hall but saw and felt nothing out of the ordinary. I decided to move on to the next building. As I came to the door, out the corner of my eye I swear I glimpsed movement about halfway along the hall. Whether this was ghost, shadow person or imagination I have no idea but when I looked properly, it was gone. (more…)

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